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Welcome to the Future of Stablecoins: Introducing Compliant Tether by YUG

Compliant Tether – the world’s most secure and theft-resistant stablecoin.

Compliant Tether

No sanctioned entity will be allowed to hold, transfer, convert, or trade Compliant Tether.

Decentralized Compliance Protection

Leverage the power of the Yug Protocol as we wrap Tether using our patented decentralized compliance protocol.

Stringent Checks for Every wallet and transaction

Anyone dealing with compliant Tether has to pass KYC, AML, and sanction checks.

Theft-Resistance and Trackability

Compliant Tether isn't just secure; it's theft-resistant and can be tracked seamlessly.

Privacy Protected

No user data is stored with us, giving you exclusive access, control and power over your information.

Travel Rule Compliant

Compliant Tether adheres to the Travel Rule, ensuring compliance with global regulatory standards.

Why Compliant Tether

UN warns: Tether Cryptocurrency Becoming ‘Preferred Choice’ Among Money Launderers And Scammers. Full Read
WSJ reports: Tether was the crypto of choice for Hamas to fund their terror activities. Full Read
The lawmakers are on the brink of passing a significant stablecoin bill. The US Treasury says, “We’re very, very close — very close.” Full Read

The answer to all the above is, ‘Compliant Tether.

And we’re ensuring a responsible approach – no sanctioned entity will be allowed to hold, transfer, convert, or trade Compliant Tether. It’s a simple, direct move towards transparency and accountability, shaping a more secure and reliable crypto environment.

Yug’s Compliant Tether

KYC/AML/ CFT Empowered

Privacy and Transparency in Transactions

Globally Friendly and Compliant

Robust Security for Safe Transactions

Yug's Compliance Protocol Integration

Regulated Reserves for Asset Coverage

Transparent Asset Composition

Regular Audits for Accountability

Win-Win for All

  • Enhanced security and peace of mind, knowing their Tether holdings are backed by audited reserves and compliant practices
  • Access to regulated financial institutions and services, expanding the scope of Tether’s utility
  • Confidence in compliance with evolving regulations, ensuring continued stability, transparency and growth
  • Seamless integration of Tether into their financial offerings, expanding their product portfolio and catering to a broader clientele
  • Reduced regulatory risk and compliance burden, freeing up resources for innovation and growth
  • Access to a wider range of clients and use cases, unlocking new opportunities for Tether adoption globally 

Join the Revolution: Embrace Compliant Tether

It’s time to break free from the shadows of regulatory uncertainty. Embrace Compliant Tether – your gateway to a stable, secure, and globally accepted stablecoin. YUG is ushering in the era of compliant stablecoins, and you can be a part of this transformative journey.

Ready to Dive In?

Experience the future of stablecoins with Compliant Tether.

For a sneak peek and more information, write to us at hello@yug.network.

Let’s shape the future of crypto together!

We are not affiliated to Tether ( tether.to ).  

Our aim is to strengthen the ecosystem of Tether by embedding AML, KYC, Sanctions, TF and PF compliance.