Yug Network

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YUG is an on-chain decentralized compliance protocol with a built-in world's first compliant wallet.

Compliant, Decentralized and Privacy Protected


Integrated compliance tools for different use cases for Web3, DeFi and DEXes


No single place to store all user data. Bringing the ownership of data in hands of the users and avoiding creation of a single point of failure (honeypot)

Privacy Protected

One KYC can be used for multiple blockchain addresses making them privacy protected. Users owns their data which is never shared with anyone. Once verified, the data can be used for many addresses without linkages

The Yug Protocol

Web3 compliance the right way!

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Yug Wallet

Yug is a non-custodial wallet which provides on-chain KYC, AML, age verification and access control features to a Web3 world. It enables compliant access to DeFi, DEX’s, gaming, gambling and gated content

Future of Stablecoins

Compliant Tether – the world’s most secure and anti-theft stablecoin.

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Secure, Compliant, and Seamless

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(Onchain compliance and treasury bonds backed stablecoins)