Backed by national treasury instruments of the corresponding country/region of the issued fiat peg (bonds, treasury notes etc.) Issued US Patent #US10977645B2

Introducing Yug

FATF Travel Rule Compliant

  • Can only be transacted between KYCd wallets
  • Wallet user KYC data is linked with each transfer
  • Transaction is recorded on blockchain

Decentralized & privacy protected

  • KYC data encrypted and stored on IPFS
  • Use single KYC for multiple accounts, without linking
  • Personal data including risk score controlled by the wallet owner

Compliant and Reliant

  • Onchain KYC
  • OFAC sanctions screening
  • International travel rule compliant

Demo of Yug Mask : Our first Web3 tool with all the compliance features


Each wallet user is KYC verified by an approved regulated entity (Bank)

After completion of KYC a non transferable KYC token is sent on blockchain. This token can be viewed by anyone and can ensure that the wallet has been KYCed
AML/Sanctions checks are performed. A non transferable OFAC token is sent to the wallet enabling anyone to check and confirm that the wallet has passed sanctions screening
The KYC records are recorded on decentralised storage (IPFS) and are encrypted by user's private key. The KYC is only accessible by the user
Any third party can request the KYC data for a wallet. The user can grant access to the KYC, in whole or in part by generating a limited use private key on demand.
Based on Bank verifications, Sanction checks, completed transitions and other parts of user behaviour, Risk score is given to each wallet

About Yug Stablecoin

Fully backed by treasury bonds

Compliant with national and international regulation for KYC and AML

Proprietary and patented technology

EVM L1 / L2 compatible with proprietary decentralized self custodial wallet

Yug Network Consortium

Crypto friendly international banks, payment institutions and industry partners

International crypto friendly banks

Licensed and regulated international banks supporting blockchain and crypto industry

Providing on ramp, off ramp to the yUSD

Act as an on ramp and off ramp to the compliant stablecoins from Yug Network

Earn revenues and collectively own the network

Yug Network is a consortium of regulated banks developing a compliant third rail of banking on the blokchain

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yUSD : The compliant, reliant and universal stablecoin


Primary use Cases

Interbank Settlements

International Ecommerce

International trade Settlements

Government Disbursements

Inter Government Trade

Charities and disaster recovery grants