The Yug Protocol


Onchain compliance tools

Integrated compliance tools for different use cases for Web3, DeFi and DEXes

Accessing gated content

Provide age checks and other checks for accessing gated content of dApps, Web3 apps, Metaverse, NFTs and DeFi world


No single place to store all KYC data. Bringing the ownership of data in hands of the users and avoiding creation of a single point of data

Privacy Protected

One KYC can be used for multiple wallets making the wallets privacy protected. Once verified, the data can be used for many wallets without linkage of wallets

Access to Yug protocol

Access to Yug protocol via Webapp, Yug wallet, Smart contracts, SDK'S & other Dapps

Blockchain Agnostic

Connects to multiple protocols and chains to provide compliance tools

On-chain Risk Score

This is where we take it to the next level !
  • Each wallet user will be given a risk score. This is like a FICO type score, which determines the risk of doing business with a counter-party
  • Risk score will be based on KYC, Bank Verification, Sanctions checks, completed transitions and other parts of user behavior
  • The Risk Score is the property of the wallet user, they control who can see it in whole or part
risk score

Yug Protocol - building the decentralised compliance layer for blockchain Industry’s next wave of growth and acceptance

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